Free Canva Pro Account

How to get Canva pro for free?

Get Canva pro for free to access all premium templates, photos, elements and videos, you are away minutes between your Canva pro account right now.

You will get your free account after 10 minutes, just keep reading and follow the following instruction to get your Canva pro account.

get a Canva pro account for free

We are offering Canva pro account (student account) subscriptions monthly and annually starting from 1$ to 5$ for the annual plan.


Also, if the offer is still available you will get 1$ after registration and create your first account on Zone1on website.

Get a free pro account for 1 month

After claiming $1 after registration, go to store and subscribe to Canva pro monthly plan and pay by your wallet.

Finally, when you complete the purchase, you will receive an invitation in your email to start your pro account.

Renew Canva plan after the first month

After using canvas pro for 1 month for free without paying anything you can after this period to upgrade or cancel the subscription.

Have a question or inquiry?

We are providing an active line to keep in touch with our customers who are online 24/7 to assist you and answer your questions.

You can reach them by using the assistant button below every page or email [email protected] or use Facebook Messenger to get in touch.

When this offer of 1 month free plan will end?

Due to the new year 2023, we provide this offer to get Canva pro for free.

Content creators now can reclaim this an opportunity to use Canva to create their awesome works.

After March 2023 the price will be changed so if you are planning to start going on now before it ends.

Canva student account vs Pro account

There are fewer features in the Canva student account like that it doesn’t include a brand kit or publishing to other platforms.

Canva student account features

You will be able to access all premium features like all premium templates, photos, videos, and elements.

Removing background with one click.

Change the size and quality of your designs.

Save your templates and projects in folders to keep your works and uploads safe in cloud.

Your account is private, no one have access to your works.