Googol and Google

Googol to Google name meaning

Googol keyword meaning at dictionary of contemporary thought book. This book is explaining moat common keywords in English and how it started.

You will be surprised while you know why Google and the relation between it and Googol, and what it means.

Remind that While talking about Google domain it means the search engine.

Googol in dictionary meaning

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Googol means a large number with hundred zeros which is used to call anything with a high numerous thing.

This keyword was adopted by the American mathematican Edward Kasner.

It’s mentioned in Dictionary of contemporary thought book who is published 1984 by David Kirby.

Google and googol relation

While google established at 4 september 1998 this book was published before 12 years ago in London.

The googol keyword is related to Google LLC company business on its establish like they know will that this company will be the most massive data store.

Google have googol amount of data

Since google established their crawlers is storing a huge amount of data which is hard to count but maybe it is near to be more than 100 zeros rows of data on their database.

Maybe until this article publish its quarter of century or 25 years while Google was established imagine the amou t of data every day they get.

Huge amount of data in Google in the future

It’s hard to predict what will happen in future or after 25 years to measure what Google will do with it’s huge amount of data would they use it or droping unused data, who knows.

Google is archives everything written and published in the internet which is a long history, many stories, news, facts and information.

Is Google exploits this massive amount of data?

For sorry, they not if they’re they will not give a space to any other AI tool like OpenAI products like chatGPT and Orca.

Google is too late in the AI race will they have the keys, but maybe there are respecting websites copyright which is a moral thing Google deserve respect for.

While there are other AI tools using other websites to scrape data from and its a sure thing to fetch this amount of data to train AI models.


There is a peobability that Google means the keyword of googol which is suitable for it’s purpose and they deserve to be the most popular and useful data flow system in our century.

Having all keys doesn’t mean that you are allowed to get in any private area without request. A moral thing we should respect and agree with.

Finally, thanks to Google, publishers and readers we are keeping history and information in a safe database for the next generations.

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